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Zindagi was born in the minds of Carla Stark and Mohit Mathur in 2016, and a year later they were opening the company MoCa Entertainment Private Limited. Nassyma Bentchikou and her Belgian company BeMaD Production agreed to bring this project to reality.


Eager to showcase Indian dances, in all their forms, and from different eras, all over the world, they had to think about an interesting story to do just that!


Indian weddings in the Hindu tradition were a big inspiration; and the seven promises that are a beautiful part of it are at the origin of the entire plot of the show.


They brought in Dilshad Edibam Khurana to put everything in writing and come up with a beautiful script to tell the story! 


And why not give to the people what they love about Bollywood? A movie! This is where the show truly differs from any other ones, instead of scenes and dialogues acted on stage, instead of a narrator, we are taken on the journey of Zindagi by a movie and its actors! 


Carla and Mohit had the innovative thought of shooting it in a very theatrical way, with one angle, and one shot scenes. This way, the screen becomes a prolongation of the stage, and the same constraint that we have as an audience to stick to one point of view, exists in the movie as well. They asked Akarsh Khurana to direct that part of the show, who came up with the idea to shoot everything was shot on a green screen to be able to play with different backgrounds.


Every great show needs a great song, and Nakash Aziz agreed to not only give his voice to Zindagi but also compose and arrange the title track!


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Mohit Mathur

Creator, Director & Choreogerapher

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Carla Stark

Creator & Producer


Nassyma Bentchikou


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Dilshad Edibam Khurana



Akarsh Khurana

Movie Director

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Aishwarya Nair

Assistant Choreographer & Company Manager

Sitanshu Datta

Visuals & Graphics Designer

Khushboo Gupta

Costumes Designer

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