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King Dev and Queen Urvasi rule over the entire Universe from the heavenly kingdom of Swargistan.


Princess Menaka, their rebellious but wise daughter, is preparing to take over the throne. But before that, she convinces her loving parents to let her experience life on Earth, as a normal human, in India. 


No one would have expected that she would fall in love with Raj, a young mortal boy. The King and Queen could not planned as well for her willingness to give up the throne and her immortality to be with Raj.


Not ready to lose their daughter, and faced with an ultimatum, the royal couple agrees to take a chance on the boy. But they will have to test him. Is he worthy of Menaka’s love? Of immortality? And most of all, of becoming the ruler of the Universe?


Dev and Urvasi decide to face Raj with seven challenges, one for each of the promises that Indian weddings ask the bride and groom to take. But to make it entertaining, nothing better than to design the tests around the King’s favourite pastime: Bollywood movies! 


Defeating villains, surmounting obstacles, defying adversaries, Raj and Menaka will have to resist, fight and dance their way out of every challenge thrown at them. 


Will love conquer all? Will Raj prove that he is worthy and win Menaka’s hand? 

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